“Designing Hanoi’s Creative Space” is a part of an activity chain launched by Hanoi consisting of a variety of art forms with the intention of raising awareness, engaging the community into the cultural and creative flow of the city, while step by step developing creative spaces and communities, aiming to stimulate a creative economy, support start-ups, promote traditional culture values, so that Hanoi will live up to its reputation as the centre of creativity and innovation of the area – the creativity capital of South East Asia.

After an animated and serious discussion with constructive criticism and analysis from members of the council on the 6th of July at the headquarter of Architecture Magazine – Vietnam Association of Architects at 40 Tang Bat Ho, Hanoi, the judging committee had chosen the most outstanding entries to continue to be directly voted in the next round of the contest. Direct voting will start from the 14th to 20th of July, 2021. 

Entries will be voted online in three categories: 

  1. Creatively motivating infrastructures
  2. Organizing infrastructure on the basis of utilising industrial structures that need relocating or changing functions 
  3. Preserving and promoting values of traditional infrastructure and planning.

List of entries:

  1. KL311 – Pham Chi Thanh
  2. VR467 – Nguyen Van Tu; Nguyen Thanh Duc
  3. TO638 – Nguyen Kien To
  4. KL226 – Do Xuan Vu; Nguyen Trung Hieu; Duong Van Bien
  5. AA181 – Arb Vietnam LLC
  6. CU202 – Lang Viet NUCE-V Consultant and Development Investment JSC
  7. KE156 – Kecho Collective LLC
  8. DA079 – ADA et al. Design Consultant JSC
  9. BD258 – Ngo Minh Hieu; Nguyen Tien Huy; Than Van Vinh; Nguyen Viet Tung
  10. NQ156 – Dao Van Quan; Nguyen Cao Hoai Nam
  11. KD123 – Nguyen Kien To; Hoang The Vinh; Nguyen Duc Thang; Nguyen Minh Anh; Nguyen Thi Minh Hanh; Tran Duy Tan; Nguyen Anh Dung; Tran Huu Tri
  12. GL204 – Le Quoc Tri
  13. AU686 – CUBIC Architecture JSC
  14. HP282 – 282 Architecture and Investment JSC
  15. NV129 – Vuong Cong Nam
  16. AP047 – Pham Viet Anh
  17. QT258 – Dang Van Quan; Ha Duc Trinh
  18. PA201 – Pham Thi Anh
  19. TH143 – Scientific Union for Sustainable Tourist Development
  20. AV808 – AVANT Consultant and Architecture Investment JSC
  21. SW191 – Pham Kien; Pham Khanh
  22. KA156 – Pham Trung Hieu; Nguyen Dang Hai; Vu Van Thieu; Tran Trung Ngan; Dao Phuong Linh; Le Vu Minh Duc; Phung Huy Viet; Le Ngoc Hung; Trinh Xuan Khoi
  23. AD213 –  ACCESS Design Lab
  24. NH401 – Pham Khanh Duong
  25. BT711  – Doan Mang Cuong; Le Thanh Lam