On the 11th of December the opening of Folk Culture in Modern Life Festival 2020 took place at Ly Thai To garden – Ho Guom pedestrian road. The magnificent art show along with the demonstration of making to he (toy figurine) had added to the charm of the pedestrian streets in the weekend.

In the opening speech, Mr. To Van Dong, Head of Hanoi Department of Culture and Sport, folk culture were created and handed down through thousands of years, from generation to generation. With time, folk cultural values are constantly restructured, creating the cultural face of modern society. Promoting folk cultural heritage is both preserving the original values and develop them, in order to let that culture to not only bring sentimental values to the citizen, but also contribute to economic-social growth, provide opportunities for youth creative start-ups and build up the foundation for international integration.

Khai mạc Lễ hội văn hóa dân gian tại phố đi bộ Hồ Gươm ảnh 1
Mr. To Van Dong, Head of Department of Culture and Sports giving an opening speech

The festival was first held in 2019 along with the anouncing event of Hanoi joining creative cities network of UNESCO, being met with positve feedbacks.

This year, districts, towns, communes and traditional craft villages, cultural creative groups has been making an effort to try and overcome difficulties to organize cultural space introducing traditional craft villages, arrange and perform preserved and promoted traditional crafts such as Ngu Xa bronze casting, Van Phuc silk weaving, Dinh Cong silver fine crafts, Phung Xa silkworm and lotus silk weaving, Chuyen My lacquerware and pearl inlaid, Phu Tuc grass weaving, ect.

Khai mạc Lễ hội văn hóa dân gian tại phố đi bộ Hồ Gươm ảnh 2

Performance at the opening ceremony

At the same time, the festival is also a destination to introduce, perform, discuss and exchange some folk cultural genres that are rich in historical, cultural and artistic values, showing the efforts of the community and the government in protecting and restoring traditional heritage and values such as Xuan La to he (clay figurine) making, tradtional ao dai, traditional folk singing, puppets, the Muong’s gong dancing, ect.

Khai mạc Lễ hội văn hóa dân gian tại phố đi bộ Hồ Gươm ảnh 3

The colorful space of the festival

After Mr. To Van Dong speech was the spectacular follow-up art performance.

The festival will take place until the 13th of December with many introductory activities and performances of Hanoi intangible cultural heritage, such as Ca tru, Vi, Do singing (Quoc Oai district), Cheo boat singing (Dan Phuong huyen), Trong quan singing (Phuc Tho province), Xam singing and Te Tieu puppet dancing (My Duc province), the Muong’s gong dancing (Thach That province), ect.


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