When coming to the traditional village of incense sticks, visitors will be able to learn every step to make incense sticks firsthand. Moreover, people can admire the absolute beauty of the land that preserves the culture of the Vietnamese people.

Quang Phu Cau is a traditional village in Ung Hoa district where is more than 30 km from the centre of Hanoi.  The old village still has retained many ancient and familiar features of northern villages. On the side of the Day River, the village now attracts many visitors to learn about the cultural values of Vietnamese people.

The profession of making incense sticks here was formerly a side-job. The people only made incense sticks in their leisure time.  Over time, the work to make incense sticks has developed. Thanks to this traditional profession, the villagers made a stable income. Therefore, many people decided to stick to this craft even though they would be able to work hard and busily with many complex production processes.

Incense sticks from Quang Phu Cau village are distributed over the country and in the foreign areas  (India, China and Malaysia).

People dry the bamboos on the abandon lands

The profession to make incense sticks dates back to more than 100 years.  Initially, it developed within Phu Luong Thuong village.  Recent years, it has been expanded to the other villages.

Though it requires many different processes to make an incense stick, the craftsmen in Quang Phu Cau are always careful and meticulous. They believe that incense sticks associating with the spiritual world.

After drying the bamboos, the craftsmen will split them. Nowadays, there are special machines to help the craftsmen with these processes to save time and effort.

Next step, they will classify the bamboos into two types: the excellent quality bamboos being dyed for making the joss sticks; the lower quality ones for recycling.

After the staining of incense sticks, people will bring the stick to the village roads for drying. The brilliant red colour of the incense sticks beautifies the streets and create the street a breathtaking beauty.

The craftsmen will bring the sticks for drying when the sun rises high.  At that time, the landscape of the whole village is more beautiful than ever when all streets and alleys are covered with red and pink of the joss sticks.

Thanks to skillfulness and diligence of the villagers, the good incense sticks have been appearing in all Vietnamese houses

Despite the ups and downs of time, the profession to make incense sticks in Quang Phu Cau village increasingly develop and become a signature product of this land.

Wandering on the village streets, you will feel like bathing in the sweet scent spreading everywhere.

Quang Phú Cau is not only known as a craft village for making incense stick which provides a stable income for people here  but also recognized as a tourist attraction for a very antique unique beauty.

By Minh Hiếu/