49 new cities join UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network


49 cities have joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) following their designation by UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay, in recognition of their commitment to placing culture and creativity at the heart of their development and to sharing knowledge and good practices. The Network now numbers 295 cities reaching 90 countries that invest in culture and creativity –…

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Live “deserved” for Hanoi – land “worth living” ….


Hanoi has a population of nearly 10 million and continues to grow. What makes Hanoi so attractive to immigrants? Is Hanoi a city worth living in? Hanoi is still on the rise … everyone participates in that development in a unique way, seemingly messy, but confusion is valuable to many people … The mix between…

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An enduring love for folk toys


More than 10 years ago, Ngo Quy Duc founded My Hanoi group to preserve and promote Hanoi culture. Many people thought that it was in light of his youth.  As time goes by, that love for Hanoi culture does not fade but multiplies … Ngo Quy Duc is a member of the judging panel in…

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Hanoi’s Creative spaces – the “goldmines” need exploiting


Over the past few years, smart cities and creative cities are the concepts having been mentioned frequently in many countries around the world.  Because of the difference in the cultural potential, the infrastructure, and the creativity of each city government and its residents, the different cities will achieve the same aims (smart cities and creative cities)…

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Developing creative spaces in Hanoi


Currently, Hanoi holds about 60 creative hubs, including 7 co-working spaces, 42 creative spaces for culture and arts, and several other creative hubs. Meanwhile, these creative hubs haven’t received much attention from people and haven’t emphasized their position and role. Therefore, Hanoi must generate the growth of the creative hubs to strengthen its role in…

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Creativity and the development of Hanoi


Although design as a contemporary commercial platform is only now emerging in Hanoi, design has historically informed the city’s evolution. Hanoi’s architecture and art talents have translated western concepts into a uniquely Vietnamese aesthetic since early 20th century. This is evidenced in the city’s landmarks including Thang Long Citadel World Heritage Site; and surrounding architecture…

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