‘Designing key visual & application: Dos and Don’ts’ is the first workshop in a series of two workshops sharing practical experience on designing branding visual and creative application for contestants participating in VFCD Graphic Design 2021, young designers and people who are interested in design in general.  

‘VFCD Graphic Design 2021’ is a series of inspiring activities, providing information and a variety of creative experiences, launched by RMIT Vietnam in collaboration with UNESCO, VICAS, COLAB Vietnam and others.

The two lecturers joining are Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong – Co-founder of Phong Duong Comics and Mr. Nguyen Anh Tu (Two Nguyen) – Co-founder of Hands Collective, with the operation of Ms. Truong Uyen Ly – Chairperson of Hanoi Grapevine.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong elaborating on his projects

At the workshop, lecturers share their practical experience gained from the projects that they had executed, focusing on ones that require key visuals, branding and design application on different media platforms, products that are diverse and interactive.

Mr. Two Nguyen sharing about the projects that Hands Collective have participated in

The lecturers focus on suggesting solutions, work from the basics of the problem to the creative thinking process, modifying to suit real-life criteria – similar to the contests’ requirements. With suggestions from the workshop, contestants will have time to add changes and finishing touches to their work before entering.

VFCD Graphic Design 2021: Key visuals & Creative application

A graphic design contest for Vietnamese youth organized by VFCD 2021 for the first time has been launched, taking place from the 14th of June to the 3rd of August, 2021. The deadline for entries is the 18th of July, 2021. The contest aims to challenge people in the age range from 18 to 30 with the theme of ‘A creative future’.

The 1st prize consists of 25 millions VND , a certificate with the signature of the head organizer, a promotion as a ‘Creative Collaborator’ of VFCD 2021 and an invitation to be a speaker for a public demonstration on the idea behind the designs for VFCD 2021.

Trúc Anh