On the 6th of July, the organization board of “Designing Hanoi’s Creative Space” had discussed and chose the 20 most outstanding schemes to be directly voted at the headquarter of Architecture Magazine – Vietnam Association of Architects at 40 Tang Bat Ho, Hanoi.

The Organization Board’s meeting

“Designing Hanoi’s Creative Space” is a part of an activity chain launched by Hanoi consisting of a variety of art forms with the intention of raising awareness, engaging the community into the cultural and creative flow of the city, while step by step developing creative spaces and communities, aiming to stimulate a creative economy, support start-ups, promote traditional culture values, so that Hanoi will live up to its reputation as the centre of creativity and innovation of the area – the creativity capital of South East Asia.

8 months after launching, the organization board had received 93 entries from 20 companies, 21 individuals and 52 students, with 3 categories: Creatively motivating infrastructures; Organizing infrastructure on the basis of utilising industrial structures that need relocating or changing functions and Preserving and promoting values of traditional infrastructure and planning.

After hearing reports from the engineering department, Doctor-Architect Phan Dang Son – the Council’s Chairperson had approved the working regulation of the judging committee, alongside with the criterion. 

Doctor-Architect Phan Dang Son summarized working regulations. 

The discussion was animated and serious with many constructive criticisms and analyses from members of the council. According to the judging committee, the entries were overall high-quality with careful research and investments, offering a number of creative ideas, vividly displaying responsibility and care towards the formation and development of Hanoi’s creative space.

Photographs taken at the discussion:

The judging committee and the engineering department of the contest  

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Đỗ Trang