Manhole covers in Hanoi have been transformed into works of art

The manhole covers on Dinh Tien Hoang street and Trang Tien street (Hoan Kiem District Hanoi) are transformed into new looks with Mosaic paintings

Dinh Tien Hoang and Trang Tien, two main streets in Hanoi, often attract many domestic and international visitors.   Members of Hanoi Art Space Club have been planning to renovate and beautify manhole covers on these streets

Following local authority approval, Hanoi Art Space Club implemented the idea of beautifying landscape and environment with the decoration of manhole covers on the pavement.

Hanoi Art Space Club has collaborated with pottery makers in Bat Trang traditional craft village (Gia Lam district) to create ceramic Mosaic paintings

  • The physical quality of the material and the assembly technique are the features that make Mosaics’ unique values and artistic properties.
  • The deployment of decorating the manhole covers on the pavement not only beautifies the urban landscape but also help to raise awareness about environmental protection.
  • The artworks present the topics of the nature and the symbol of Hanoi
  • Artists turned manhole covers into colorful ceramic paintings.
  • Although the Mosaic paintings have just completed, some of them have some broken pieces.
  • The paintings are shown outdoor, so it’s not easy to keep them in an intact.
  • This project conveys the message of environment protection and capital beautifying. The paintings in the project erased the image of the old manholes and covered them with beauties of nature and symbol of Hanoi.
  • By Duy Khánh – KTDT