Vietnamese designers elevate “Ao Dai” into modern feminemnity symbol.

On April 6th Afternoon, In the Temple of Literature herriatge site, Thang Long Culture Research Institute in collaboration with Tinh Hoa Dat Viet Magazine has organized the “Our Áo Dai” event announcment. 

This event took place in misdt of the joy from the successful 13th National Party Congress, the 15th Parliment’s member and The People’s council election as well as the 46th anniversary of the liberation of the South, unification of the country. But overall, the main objective of this event is to cherish Ao Dai’s grace, the essence of the Vietnamese feminine beauty.

Ao Dai is an important Vietnamese culture heritage that goes hand in hand with the Vietnamese women beauty. Many culture researcher has suggested the recognition of Ao Dai as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage, in view of the proposition to UNESCO.

This event was participated by 15 designers with 15 unique Ao Dai Collection, taking inspriration from 15 nations from all over the globe, some of the names are Minh Hạnh, Lan Hương, Chu La, Ngọc Hân, Công Huân… The “Our Ao Dai” event has not only celebrated our national cultural beauty but also a spirit of global cuture integration.

Among the 15 to be presented collection, only one of them are purely Vietnamese Ao Dai. The others are inspired by characteristic of different culture from Asia to Europe. The audience will have the oppoturnity to admire Thailand’s Royalty Regality, India’s Pallace Mosaic, Korea’s Hanbok sillouette, Greece’s echanting myth. Holland’s Tulips, Russia’s cultural icon,… The Designers have harnessed the cultural and artistic aspects of different country and translate them into pattern, applique and decorative details on the Vietnamese Ao Dai.

The “Our Ao Dai” event will showcase over 600 different Ao Dai on 400 different Ambassador Lady, Actors, Models,… Some of the mentioned Ambassador Ladies are from Italia, India, Laos, Belarus,.. along with active Vietnamese cinematic elite artists, people’s artist, 90 models from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, along with 100 students from The Woman Academy and some Hanoi’s Children. In this event, 15 spectacular Ao Dai is donated to the Vietnamese Women Museum.

Within the framework of the event, an exhibition on the history of Ao Dai takeplace in Thai Hoc house, at the Temple of Literature Cultural Site. This exhibition showcased the Nguyen Dynasty’s Ao Dai collection, these pieces are from the personal collection of a professional collector – Mr Nguyễn Hữu Hoàng. 

The “Our Ao Dai” event took place on April 9th at nighttime in the Thai Hoc House Yard, at the Temple of Literature Cultural Site. The models and actresses will be performing on a special stage, decorated by silk cocoon and 5000 hemp plants.