”INCIDENT” Exhibition

Opening: Mon 04 Dec 2021, 05 pm
Exhibition: 04 – 21 Dec 2021, 09 am – 12 pm and 01:30 pm – 05 pm
VICAS Art Studio
32 Hao Nam Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi

From VICAS Art Studio:

“Incident” is the title for a group exhibition of six painters: Quach Bac, Nguyen Van Tung, Truong The Linh, Nguyen Phu Vien, Dao Dinh Tan, and Nguyen Pham Dinh Tuan. It is such a distinguished title for an exhibition that does not derive from a topic, a genre, a theme, or an idea. An incident refers to something that happens suddenly and unexpectedly. There may be a story hidden behind it, which may be known and seen by someone else or aware by just the author himself.

The interesting questioning way does connect the six artists within the exhibition. Each person, within his or her destiny, has their own incidents. Some were big, some were just minor ones but have already created milestones or points of view to look back on their life journeys. The incident of Nguyen Phu Vien seems to be quite cute, that is, leaving his hometown for a city and having himself a piece of land. This purchase then brought about another incident of pushing him into a huge debt. Next, he felt lonely and found that no one was around. He then realized the circles and the boundaries between each individual and his/ her surroundings and between humans and life.

Nguyen Phu Vien’s story was easily drawn down, but it does not seem to exclusively belong to the painter.

Dao Dinh Tan, via the incident of broken terracotta urns, discovered the multifacetedness of the fragments. From one angle it may be dark, but from the other side, it glows. In this arrangement, it is empty and sparse, but in another one, it is cramped and dense…

Nguyen Pham Dinh Tuan focused on the incidents in social life, in which for some reason, people became corrupt and wore masks different from their inner souls.

The incident of Truong The Linh was the change within himself from a thorny expression to a gentle, dreamy style with the image of a beautiful and delicate woman. Meanwhile, in the case of Nguyen Van Tung, in the middle of mortal and earthy life, the artist suddenly realized the mysterious, pure, and selfless beauty of the nuns.

As for Quach Bac, his artistic path is still kept as exploring the world through personal experiences. Quach Bac’s incidents were hardly easy to see. As he confided himself: “My characters are put in uncomfortable, sometimes confusing, awkward, or even embarrassing situations”, these characters were often stuck in daily traumatic behaviors or difficult dilemmas. Things that seemed not to matter did become incidents for leaving inconsolable hurt in the soul. “Falling into a puddle” is a significant “incident”, which is possibly the tragedy that one could not avoid, even though it is thought to be nothing. “Getting stuck on the horizon” is also an intriguing incident. A body was stuck there, between the earth and the sky, held by a broken piece of the sky. That story is open to be interpreted in many directions, depending on the experience of each viewer. The openness and infinity broaden the borderlines of the work, even beyond the intention of the author. This is also a feature that characterizes Quach Bac’s works.

We would like to introduce to you the group exhibition “Incident”.

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